Our work in strategy, collective impact and capacity building has helped a range of not-for-profit organizations across Canada achieve strategic clarity and increase impact in their communities. 

We understand the realities and constraints our clients are facing - our collaborative approach creates the space clients need to create realistic plans that drive impact, build lasting new capacity and are easy to communicate to stakeholders. 

We help clients plan how to get from where they are now to where they want to be-  and we support them throughout implementation.

Our clients are excited to talk about the impact they're having  instead of how busy they are. 

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We work with senior management and boards of not-for-profit organizations to focus on impact and create good strategy:  the tightest fit possible between an organization's activities and its intended impact. 

Our  suite of strategic services helps build capacity in our clients' organizations; foundational work on Impact and Theory of Change supports strategic planning, operational planning and transformation projects. 

We offer workshops in strategic clarity, collective impact and governance and facilitate planning meetings, board retreats and community and stakeholder engagement groups. 

We're excited to be associated with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and their Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity Module.

More than eighty organizations across Canada have participated in the first six waves of the Innoweave initiative. Sally Fazal is a Certified Impact Coach for the program.

Collective Impact

In 2011, John Kania and Mark Kramer published an influential article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on Collective Impact- mapping the conditions for success for not-for-profits, business, government and communities working together to solve problems. Kania and his colleagues at FSG and the Collective Impact Forum  have gone on to  build a community of practice across North America and around the world.  In Canada, The Tamarack Institute has been a leader in engaging people in conversations and encouraging collective action. 

Pelee  works with groups of organizations at every stage of Collective Impact. Our introductory workshops help organizations understand the principles and evaluate their readiness to engage. We're grateful to the Tamarack Institute and the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, through it's Innoweave initiative, for developing some of the materials and process for the introductory sessions and workshops we offer.  We also work with individual collectives as coaches during all stages of collective impact development, and Sally is honoured to serve as a coach mentor in the program. 

Innoweave (an initiative of the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation) offers comprehensive supports for organizations interested in working collectively. Interested organizations are invited to apply through the McConnell Foundation's Innoweave site, or by contacting us directly. 

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Capacity Building

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In our changing and competitive not-for-profit landscape, impact depends on excellence in leadership, governance, and management practices as much as on program activities. Adaptive, generative leaders can cope with complexity, build relationships and test new ideas- and can do that best when backed up by high -performing organizations

Pelee's services include comprehensive organizational reviews of internal  effectiveness and external influences. We work with clients to build comprehensive organizational development plans and stay with them through implementation.  We take a collaborative approach to capacity building and emphasize sensitive change management. 

Pelee helps organizations navigate change, and will act as a coach to new leaders or as project manager in  transformation and capacity building work.   


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Pelee works with not-for profit organizations and charities across Canada. Click HERE for a list of current and recent clients.

  • The decision to work with Pelee Consulting to evolve our theory of change and strategy was a great one. Each phase of the process was set up with terrific resources and examples, concrete outputs and coaching to provide feedback and help keep us on track. We are now executing on our new strategy through the development of performance metrics, dashboards and annual plans. As a new leader in our organization I found Sally’s support important and enjoyable!
    — Barb Steele, The Natural Step Canada
  • I was very impressed with the Innoweave Workshop, and especially its presenter. As an educator, I have been 'workshopped' plenty over the years, and this was most definitely a quality product.
    — Mike Bourgeois, John Howard Society of Southeastern New Brunswick, Board of Directors
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit from this project was that it actually delivered on what is promised. It facilitated the kind of logical planning that we often struggle to do when being buried by immediacy. Additionally, it helped me, as CEO, feel like I had some support around me from my team and Board members in a tangible way. From the beginning of the process, Sally Fazal demonstrated that she was very knowledgeable and professional. Perhaps the most significant comment I can make is that we are hoping to fly her out to Manitoba to assist us in continuing our work.
    — Darrell Cole, Career Trek
  • The work we did with Sally helped to propel us forward in a way that made everyone on our team really excited. Every one of us can easily give a 1-2 minute elevator pitch about the organization and we have clarity and focus around our future directions. Sally is an excellent listener and has the ability to pose really good questions that make you stretch yourself/organization in a way that helps you to grow by leaps and bounds. She is very dependable and easy to connect with. We felt like she had been part of our team for years.
    — Jodi Mucha, BC Healthy Communities
  • The match between EFry Vancouver and Pelee Consulting is that Sally was able to translate our words into infographics that made it easy to understand what we do and why. Sally was able to be the bridge between different learning styles (task versus process oriented staff) and capture hearts when we needed to reinvest in the work to achieve the results we wanted.
    — Shawn Bayes, Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver
  • Sally's consultative leadership style coupled with her extensive business expertise and personal integrity results in strong direction and a collective vision. Her contributions to the Centre have led to stronger board governance, improved operations and reporting and a clearer sense of direction.
    — Lori Wilson, Distress Centre Oakville, Board of Directors
  • I had the privilege of working with Sally at Mackenzie Financial, and in particular, through our efforts on the Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund. She was both a leader and a true team player, and was clearly inspired by and successfully motivated others to a charitable cause.
    — Warren M Rudick, Manulife Asset Management Canada
  • As a newly formed non-profit, The Mount Community Centre needed assistance to develop a strategic plan. We were very fortunate to work with Sally Fazal. For over five months Sally worked closely with us through coaching workshops and conference calls. Each contact was followed by concise, helpful summaries and suggestions. Like any good coach, Sally was supportive and perceptive as she skillfully enabled us to develop our strategic plan to a point where we can continue on our own.
    — John Martyn, The Mount Community Centre

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