Our work in strategy, capacity building and collective impact has helped a range of not-for-profit organizations across Canada achieve strategic clarity and increase impact in their communities. We understand the realities and constraints our clients are facing - our collaborative approach helps our clients to think clearly about the impact their organizations can have. We help clients plan how to get from where they are now to where they want to be, and stick with them through implementation. 

Our collaborative approach and sensitive change management process helps our clients create realistic, concise strategic and operations plans that are easy to communicate to stakeholders, all while creating lasting new capacity within their organizations. Our clients are excited to talk about the impact they're having, instead of how busy they are. 

We are proud to be working with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation through their Innoweave initiative. Innoweave provides community sector leaders with new tools to effect large-scale change.


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Strategic clarity and a statement of intended impact are a strong foundation for any strategic planning exercise. We work with senior management and boards of not-for-profit organizations to focus on impact and create the tightest fit possible between the agency's activities and the impact they intend. 

Our full suite of strategic services help to build capacity in our clients' organizations; foundational work on Impact and Theory of Change underpin the development of strategic plans, operational plans and learning agendas.  We offer educational workshops in strategic clarity, collective action and governance and facilitate planning meetings, board retreats and community and stakeholder engagement groups. 

Pelee works with clients on implementation and evaluation to ensure their impact is effective and measurable, without burdening them with more measurement overhead. Our clients like to talk about the impact they're having instead of how busy they are. 

We're excited to be associated with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and their
 Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity Module. More than forty organizations across Canada have participated in the first three waves of the Innoweave initiative. Sally Fazal is a Certified Impact Coach for the program.

Innoweave has established a fund to support organizations in hiring a coach for this program. Interested organizations are invited to apply through the McConnell Foundation's Innoweave site, or by 
contacting us directly. 

Collective Impact

In 2011, John Kania and Mark Kramer wrote an influential article on Collective Impact, mapping out conditions for success for organizations working together to solve a problem at the community or sector level.  Collective Impact initiatives have become important in communities across Canada, leveraging the resources of multiple cross-sector groups to make substantive change at a population level. The Vibrant Communities initiative championed by Tamarack is one example of successful collective action. 

Pelee Consulting works with groups of organizations at every stage of learning about Collective Impact. Introductory workshops help organizations understand the principles and evaluate their readiness to engage with others on a larger scale.  Working group sessions are designed to help groups of organizations distill their common agenda, develop outcomes measures, plan community engagement, and identify people of influence.  We're grateful to the Tamarack Foundation and the McConnell Foundation through it's Innoweave initiative, for developing some of the materials and process for the introductory sessions and workshops we offer. 

Pelee helps collectives create strong Theories of Change and implementation plans to support funding requests, and can provide ongoing strategic planning, project management and coordination for backbone organizations.

Innoweave (an initiative of the McConnell Foundation) has established a fund to support organizations interested in hosting introductory sessions or workshops.  Once collective impact groups have established the viability of their work together, Innoweave will provide support to hire a coach. 

Interested organizations are invited to apply through the McConnell Foundation's Innoweave site, or by contacting us directly. 

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Capacity Building

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“Nonprofits have an obligation to seek new and even more effective ways of making tangible progress towards their missions, and this requires building organizational capacity. All too many nonprofits, however, focus on creating new programs and keeping administrative costs low instead of building the organizational capacity necessary to achieve their aspirations effectively and efficiently…This must change: both nonprofit managers and those that fund them must recognize that excellence in programmatic innovation and implementation are insufficient for nonprofits to achieve lasting results. Great programs need great organizations behind them.”

Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations,
Report for Venture Philanthropy Partners by McKinsey & Company (2001) 
- See more at Council of Non-Profits.

Pelee's services include comprehensive organizational reviews of our client organizations' internal capacity and external influences. We take a collaborative approach to capacity building and emphasize sensitive change management. We work with clients to assess capacity and develop plans and we stay with them through implementation. 

Change management can be described as bringing people from different starting points to a single destination. Organizations sometimes use a one-size fits all approach to communicating change and achieving transformation. Of course not all people are starting in the same place in terms capacity or understanding. We have to meet people where they are (and hear from them where they are), and this can be a great epiphany in change initiatives. 

Pelee can help your organization through change, and will act as a coach to new leaders or as project manager in your agency's transformation and capacity building work.   


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Pelee works with not-for profit organizations and charities across Canada.

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